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This is an infrequently maintained page. Actually, it's ancient. You can see when the camera host died. Maybe I'll update it soon. Maybe not.

The Apartment-Cam

No telling which way this'll be pointing, or even if it'll be current, but here it is... As an interesting side-note, you might notice a series of diagonal lines on the upper left side of the image. These are the path's of the sun on every sunny morning since Solstice 1998 that have been permanently etched into the QuickCam VC. I was bummed about the first one happening, but then figured that since the camera was already damaged, I would just use it to 'record' the tracks of the sun. Kind of expensive, but the damage had already been done anyway, so what the heck, might as well make the best of a damaged camera!

Clint's QuickCam

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