what's up with funky.net

funky.net is a simple little node on the internet. Through a small connection hosted by the The Speakeasy Cafe, this site really wasn't meant to be anything huge. It's not on a T1 or anything big like that, so I'm trying to conserve bandwidth by limiting the amount of "fluff" on the site. funky.net isn't for profit, so I really need to keep the costs down to a minimum.

Since I was so fortunate in getting funky.net and funky.com during the big internet-land-grab in the first place, I'm pretty dedicated to at least keeping a list of funk and other music links around. I like music in most forms, but it's the beat that makes the blood pump, the butt bump, and the people jump. So for as long as I'm curator of this site, look for links to groovy things that have at least perked *my* interest. If you know of anything that would fit this site; small artwork, groovy music links, or anything else, send it my way and I might see fit to post it.

Thanks go out to: the Speakeasy crew for making this connection possible, to all the musicians who make love with their instruments to give us those soulful sounds, to all the clubs who give 'em a place to play, to delores, for helping me get this thing started, to Mom & Dad for raising me well and getting *me* started, and to all my folks & friends who've been there for me through the years -- you know who you are... Thanks a million,


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